The Christian Association of Nigeria released the names of 180 girls who are still said to be missing. These are real girls, they are not changing numbers in underreported news stories. They are as important and as loved as the Blue Ivys, the Keishas, the Naimas, the Beths and…









stupid bitch, this is animal abuse! for fucks sake

I hope she comes back in her next life as a roach tbh
If your gonna kill him (which I couldn’t do) at least make it quick and painless as possible :(

Animal abuse? Lmaooo white people slay me!

white people got sympathy for roaches…. i see

If a black man got tased though they’d be quiet
Roach get tased “ANIMAL ABUSE!!!!!”

Nah. She’s torturing it and there’s no way around that. If you saw somebody pulling the wings off a butterfly I’m sure you wouldn’t be making gifs and praising them and laughing.
It’s not ok. It’s not funny.

Like the other people said. These people would not give two fucks about a black man getting tased. It’s a freaking roach. They don’t die, they multiply. And basically mfs are saying if they had roaches crawling around their house they would let them be? Y’all dirty. Nasty asses. Animal abuse my ass.

Lol! This too funny!